How To Clean Pellet Grill Pit Boss Quickly in 2023

Grilling season is here. Many grill users use Pit boss pellet grills for grilling. Did you ever experience How to Clean Pellet Grill Pit Boss after grilling?

Pit boss pellet grills have features like a smoker, an oven, charcoal, and a gas grill. Pellet grills use pure wood pellets in it. These hardwood pellets are then thrown into a box which is called Hopper.  An auger, which works with electricity, then these pellets are stuffed in the cooking chamber. The pit boss pellet grill also provides a digital control system of temperature. You can cook ‘low or slow’ food according to your requirement. 

Pit boss pellet grills are made of 100% natural hardwood. These hardwoods are dried and corroborated in the dust. Then the dust is heated up at a high temperature and hardwood converts into pellets. Using wood pellets is also called easy fuel. Because they produce a little amount of ash in the grill, and the ash box will not be filled with ashes. Pit boss pellet grills do not need to babysit the air-fuel and it also provides great flavor to the food you cook on the Pit boss pellet grill. 

When wood pellets burn everything will saturate the grill and give a wood smoky flavor to your food and also make a smoky cloud around the grill. You do not need to use any flavor in the grill because Pit boss pellet grill can give an amazing flavor to food if you cook it at a slow temperature. You can have perfect smoky cooked food by using a Pit boss pellet grill.

Step by step procedure How to Clean Pellet Grill Pit Boss :

 Now you don’t need to worry about How to Clean Pellet Grill Pit Boss. First, you need to start by cleaning the interior of the pellet grill. 

Step 1: First of all before starting you need to remove some parts of the pellet grill. Remove grates, burn pot, and heat deflector. 

Step 2: Now remove all the dirt by using a knife or a sponge. 

(Avoid using any harsh object or metal object they can damage your deflector or burn the pot)

Step 3: Now clean your lid, if you are grilling for a long time and have never experienced cleaning your pellet grill so there are so many build-ups that arise on the lid of your grill. 

Step 4: Now clean your grates using a degreaser or any special grill grate washer. Make a mixture of water and degreaser in a tub and soak the grates in it overnight or for 7-8 hours. Next morning, put out your grates from the tub and clean them with a sponge to remove all of the residue and ash on the grates. After cleaning the grates let the grates dry in sunlight, because you can’t put wet grates on the grill, because pellet grills contain so many electronic functions which can be damaged by doing this. 

Step 5: Now using the vacuum clean all the ashes from the baller. Also, clean the fire pot by using a vacuum.

Step 6: Clean the grease drip tray to remove all the grease stuck on it. You can clean it by using a putty knife. 

Now after cleaning the interior you also need to clean the exterior of the pellet grill. You do not need any chemical or wire brush to clean your Pit boss pellet grill. 

You can easily clean your pellet grill by using 

  • Brush or scraper
  • Paper towel
  • Degreaser or cleanser solution

Brush or scraper:

Brush or scraper can use a brush or scraper to clean the pellet grill. You can also use wooden paint sticks to clean the pellet grill. 

Paper towel:

After vacuuming the grill you can clean it with a paper towel or soft cloth. You can wipe it from inside and outside. 

Degreaser or cleanser solution:

A degreaser or cleanser solution helps to clean the interior or exterior of the pellet grill. Degreaser is best to remove stains, grease, and food particles left on the grates.

Here is the easiest way How to Clean Pellet Grill Pit Boss at home. Cleaning your pellet grill will make your grilling amazing, and also cook your food delicious. 

Why is it important to clean the Pit boss pellet grill?

Whenever you start grilling on a Pit Boss pellet grill or on any smoker you must start with the cleaning process. This process will help you to get a great flavor in your food and also have some benefits. If you don’t clean your pellet grill, after grilling the food leaves residue on the grates which can cause bacteria and other harmful germs. 

The Pellet grill is low maintenance, so it must need to be cleaned regularly. You must need to deep clean your pellet grill, deep cleaning means exterior and interior both. Now you can easily clean your grill pellet grill at your home without calling any specialist for cleaning. Cleaning your grill grates is important before starting grilling. 

You can clean your pellet grills without using any harsh objects or tools. Some special grill cleaner tools can help you to remove ashes, dirt, or black residue on the grill grates. Here are some easy tips to clean your Pit boss pellet grill.

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Not everybody knows the methods of cleaning pellet grills, but if it’s your first time cleaning your pellet grill, I hope our guide will help you to know the easiest way How to Clean Pellet Grill Pit Boss. If you have any questions ask in the comment section. 

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