How to Clean Pellet Grill 2023 – Unlock The Secret Method

Looking for a method on how to clean Pellet grill? In this article, i’m going to discuss What is pellet grill & How to Clean it’s parts?

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A barbecue grill is a device for cooking food by applying heat directly from below. There are several varieties of such grills, with most falling into one of two categories: gas-fueled and charcoal. There is a great debate over the merits of charcoal or gas for use as the cooking method between barbecue grill.

Barbecuing is a pervasive tradition in much of the world. Almost all competitors of grill use charcoal, most often in large, custom designed brick or steel grills. They can range from a few 55 gallon oil drums sawed lengthwise on their sides to make a lid and grill base, to large, vehicle sized grills made of brick, weighing nearly a ton.

Pellet grill is most common used grill in winters. Want to know the more details on What is Pellet Grill or How to Clean Pellet Grill? Let’s dig into details,

What is Pellet Grill?

An alternative to an oven, a pellet grill heats food by using an ignited wood pellet and a ventilation system to achieve a specific temperature. It can be kept outside. A pellet grill makes it simple to prepare your foods. A pellet grill can be used for braising, smoking, and grilling food.

A barbecue grill is a device for cooking food by applying heat directly from below. There are several varieties of such grills, with most falling into one of two categories: gas-fueled and charcoal. . They can range from a few 55 gallon oil drums sawed lengthwise on their sides to make a lid and grill base, to large, vehicle sized grills made of brick, weighing nearly a ton.

In the pellet grill, wood pellets contribute to the production of heat. A chamber where wood pellets are kept is referred to as a pellet hopper. The entire chamber of the pallet grill is heated by the movement of these pellets through a wimble to fire container.

You can cook your favourite foods on a pellet grill at either a low or high temperature. Additionally, you can set a particular time for cooking for consistency and efficiency.

Pellet grills are superior to gas and charcoal grills because of their ventilation system and ability to impart natural flavour while discharging heat and smoke.  

Let’s move to the methods of How to Clean Pellet Grill in an easy way step by step .

Methods of How to Clean Pellet Grill :

Cleaning pellet grills may help to maintain the taste of food delicious and fresh and also make your guests satisfied with your food.You can extend the life of your smoker by regularly cleaning pellet grills, whether it’s once a year or after each use. 


There are different ways or methods to clean different models of pellet grill. This must keep in mind to turn off or unplug the grill while cleaning . Clean your pellet grill when your pellet grill is cold , this helps you and your pellet grill from damage. 

Cleaning process:

The easiest way How to Clean Pellet Grill .

Material required:

  • Cleaning solution 
  • Soft cloth/ spray bottle
  • Clean cloth/ paper towel


1: Turn off / Unplug your pellet grill before cleaning them. Make sure that the grill must be cold while cleaning.

2: Apply the cleaning solution on your grill while using a spray bottle or any soft cloth.

Note: While spraying the pellet grill , be careful not to get inside of your grill.

3:Leave the cleanser on the grill for at least One minute.

4:Remove the cleanser with a paper towel.

5:Remove all the dirt and grime , repeat the process if needed.

6: Clean the surface of the grill to remove the stay up cleanser .

Note: Do not wash out your pellet grill under water because they can damage the electric parts of your pellet  grill. 

Parts of Pellet Grill and their cleaning process:

There are some Pellet Grill components that are crucial to the grill’s operation. It is a detail method of How to Clean Pellet Grill and it’s parts.

1: Auger Motors:

Auger motors maintain the flow of fuel into the fire pot. An auger motor, which accelerates the auger pole to deliver fuel, is made up of an electric motor and a gearbox. The control board is responsible for completing the circuitry to the auger motor after reviewing all the data. Shaded pole auger motors and synchronous auger motors are the two most popular types of auger motors in NORTH AMERICA. 

  • Shaded pole auger is used to rotate a set of gears that could keep auger constant even at high temperatures.
  • Synchronous auger motors are more effective and silent than shaded pole auger motors because they rotate in a direct proportion to the density of the AC input.

2:Smoker Grill:

By Using the digital controller with the pellets in the hopper, you can set the temperature you want. The induction fan will maintain the fire while your pellets are being forced through the auger in the firepot.

Cleaning of Smoker Grill:

On the smoker’s interior wall, accumulated dust or grease needs to be cleaned off.


Scale can be scraped off the size of the smoker chamber using a scraper with a flat edge.

3:Burn Pot:

When pellets drop into the burn pot, a hot rod strikes them to ignite combustion. Air is blown in by the fan to fan flames and intensify fire. 

Cleaning of Burn Pot:

A significant amount of ash and debris will amass in the burn pot over time.


By using Vacuum cleaner or any Ash vacuum you can clean all the ash and debris build on the burn pot.

4: Drip Pan:

On the sides of the smoker or pellet grill, drip pans are placed to catch any grease drips for simple cleanup. Maintaining your interior grill is easy because it is used to catch dripping grease from your food. 

Cleaning of drip pan:

As all of the food grease is collected in the drip pan, it’s possible for the drip pan to still contain grease after use.


You can clean the drip pan with soapy water or liquid cleaner, or you can wipe it clean with a paper towel or any other cloth to get rid of all the grease.

5: Control Board:

Ineffective control board for pellet auger operation. Additionally, it runs the combustion fan and hot rod ignitor. Control board receives temperature data from the grill’s interior. 

6: Switches , Probes and Sensors:

OFF, STARTUP, RUN, and SHUTDOWN are the four phases that are controlled by sensors. Some sensors in pellet grills are used for safety, some for control, and some sensors perform both functions. 

An electronic signal can be turned ON and OFF with the help of switches. The circuit is OFF when the switch is open, which denotes that it is in an unaffected state. When the switch is closed in the unaffected state, the circuit is ON and in a continuity state. 

Importance of cleaning pellet grill on time:

On every use pellet grill collects ash and grease of food in it .Failure to regularly clean your pellet grills can impact how well your smoker works and shorten its lifespan. 

  • Maintenance of Food: While cooking food in a pellet grill, Ash pellets collect in smokers and spread inside the smoker which may affect your food and which can conduct the ash in your food. With the cleaning of Ash and grease can make a certain good quality of food. 
  • Temperature Control: Not cleaning your grill on time may build-up Ash in a burn pot, that may turn down the airflow. Cleaning the interior of your  pellet grill may permit better airflow. For best quality food and better temperature and best results from your pellet grill , clean the interior of your grill as best as you can.

Proper cleaning your pellet grill may keep your pellet grill in perfect condition.Not cleaning your pellet grill on time can damage the entire functioning of your grill through collecting ash and grease in a burn pot and drip pan. 

How to Clean Pellet Grill After Every Use:

Must clean all the grease and ash collected in Smoker or grease in a drip pan and your grill burn pot every week. Clean your Ash collection tray regularly if it contains your Pellet Grill. Clean your grill from inside whenever you use them. If you Grill on a daily basis, you must  clean your grill’s Drip pan or burn pot daily.

Scrub your grill grates before and after every use. Regular clearance of your grill grates can maintain the quality of food and also shut off building up so much  grease . To keep your grill for a long time you can clean your drip pan, burn pot and the whole interior or exterior of your grill seasonally. 

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Our guide will assist you in cleaning every component of your pellet grill if you own one. Your pellet grill can be cleaned quickly and easily by using the methods mentioned above. I hope you fully comprehend our cleaning instructions for pellet grills. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.

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