Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker Top 12 Differences – Which One Is Better?

Being a food lover, you always wish for something delicious, tasty, and mouth-watering on your table. But when it comes to cooking, it’s always a challenging task as not everyone can be patient while the meat gets roasted. Roasting the ribs, fish, or meat pieces is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of professionalism from the cook’s side. Thanks to the Smokers that are available in the market to reduce the effort. But you must be confused which should you pick from a wide range of Electric smoker vs Pellet smoker.

But wait! How would you know which smoker you have to pick up for your need? As two basic types are competing in the market. One is an electric smoker, and the other one is a pellet smoker! 

When you step into the market, you must know the pros and cons of the product you will buy. Otherwise, you will not get the same taste as the barbecue restaurants at your home’s rooftop. 

Top 12 Differences Electric Smoker VS Pellet Smoker

We are here to present the comparison of electric smoker vs pellet smoker. Not only will it save your time but also your hard-earned money. So here is the comparison!

Space Is The First Concern:

Whether you are dealing on a commercial scale or seeking a cooking assistant for your home, the thing you prefer while picking up the smoker is the space for cooking. Indeed, you would not choose to keep your guests or customers waiting for their turn, would you?

So, you need to look at the chamber size that how much space do you get in an electric smoker or a pellet smoker! Pellet smokers give you more room than electric smokers. The average area of an electric smoker is around 450 square inches. At the same time, a pellet smoker allows you to roast the meat on the size of 570 square inches on average.

Moreover, there are two designs in the pellet smokers. You can prefer a horizontal pellet smoker or a vertical pellet smoker. The plus point for picking the vertical pellet smoker is the availability of racks in the chamber. 

Smoke Generation Source:

Indeed, it’s a point to ponder which is the source of smoke in the smoker you will prefer? The electric smokers have specifically designed wooden chips that are rectangular and smaller in size. These chips are long-lasting and of premium quality. We can consider it an advantage of the electric smoker. But there is a con also that the wood chips are particular for the model you will buy. Some electric smokers have to use their specific branded wooden chips; otherwise, they will not generate smoke.

Additionally, the chips are pretty expensive if compared to the wood pellets in the pellet smokers. Pellet smokers use wooden pellets that generate smoke while burning. The best part of using the pellet smoker is the cheap cost of wooden pallets.

But you have to keep observing the smoke intensity after 2-3 hours when dealing with a pellet smoker. At the same time, you remain relaxed for 6-9 hours if you have placed the chips in your electric smoker.

Which One is Easy-to-Use?

If you are a beginner and learning to become a master chef, you must look for an easy-to-use item! It’s not a child’s play to roast your expensive steak or ribs. If you have no idea, you might turn the meat into charcoal rather than a light brown textured barbecued dish.

Both smokers are easy to use! If you prefer a pellet smoker, then you will get a complete manual setup! You will have to adjust the temperature and smoke level manually. But if you are planning to choose the electric smoker, you need to be picky as the electric smokers have two models. One is digital, and one is manual. The digital smoker is for pro-level chefs who are quite expert and professional in cooking. They know the exact temperature at which the meat will cook properly in a fixed duration.

While on the other hand, a beginner needs to adjust the temperature, stage by stage, after watching the texture and appearance of meat!

Environment-Friendly Smoker:

The environment must remain safe and clean no matter what we else we do! Keep this factor in mind that electric smokers have used specialized chips to generate smoke in their smokers. Those chips do not produce harmful and toxic gases on their heating. These chips are environmentally as well as human friendly. It keeps the toss in favor of electric smokers.

But when we take a look at pellet smokers, the wooden pallets used for the production of smoke are creating an environmental threat and harmful for the nearby standing person. Being a chef, you must ensure that you don’t inhale the smoke rising from the pellet smoker. The burning of wood pellets leads to toxic gases like carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen gas. These are poisonous gases that lead to breathing issues and causing acid-rain problems!

Effect of External Temperature:

When you are living in a country where the temperature does not go beyond 5 degrees Celsius, then what will you do? It will take a lot of time to roast your meat or chicken pieces. You don’t want to wait all day to eat your meal, would you? So, you need to pick up that product that does not affect external temperature while cooking the meat!

It would be best to prefer that smoker, which has a double layer of insulation, so external heat cannot escape from the chamber. The external temperature leads to any hindrance in the roasting process. Luckily, both smokers have double insulation that allows you to prepare your roasted fish pieces or ribs without any delay. The better the insulation, the less will be the time taken by the smoker to cook.

Taste and Texture:

The main feature for which you will pay is the taste and texture of the food. Your mind does not allow you to eat until the food appearance stimulates it. When the food texture and color click the reason with its fragrance, your tummy automatically makes a strange sound, signaling you to pick that piece. The hunger pangs start rising, and you cannot resist anymore!

But you get that taste, texture, and fragrance when you pick the right product. In this case, pellet smokers are better than electric smokers. The reason behind this is the controlled heat contact of the flesh. The smoke and heat directly come in connection with the meat pieces. There is no linkage between them.

While discussing the electric smoker, there is no wooden pellet that burns and produces heat. The job is done by the heating element that is the reason for the foul taste development of the meat. 

Range of Temperature:

Only a professional chef knows the exact temperature while preparing a dish. He knows which temperature will suit for developing a yummy taste, an eye-catchy appearance, and a mouth-watering aroma. Some food recipes require low temperature for a long duration, while some need short-term heat at high temperatures. 

For this job, your smoker must have a vast range of temperature adjustments. This feature is available in a pellet smoker. You can adjust the temperature to as high as 450 Fahrenheit. The average limit of an electric smoker is 350 Fahrenheit.  

Watching Window:

Indeed, beginners need to observe the cooking process stage by stage to prepare the perfect dish for the guests or customers. They cannot stand a chance while dealing with an expensive piece of meat like Salmon fish. To adjust the heat, to adjust the smoke, or to turn off the smoker, the chef must analyze the appearance of flesh.

For this purpose, the electric smokers have a glass fiber window to visualize the texture and color of meat stage by stage. With the help of this window, they can adjust the temperature or smoke level in the chamber.

While the pellet smokers don’t have such a facility, you need to lift the lid to check the state of the meat. The repetitive opening and closing of the cover generate an escape gate for heat. It slows down the process of cooking. Not only does heat escape in this repetition, but also the smoke also leaves the chamber. 

Thus, electric smokers are better regarding this factor for beginners.

Power Consumption:

Both are power-consuming smokers. Pellet smokers also consume electricity, but you need to ignite the wooden chips initially, then it will go on without any further interference. In contrast, electric smokers work entirely on electricity. The wooden chips also generate smoke with the help of electricity. The average consumption of electricity by an electric smoker is around 800 watts. 

But the con of both pellet and electric smokers is that both cannot perform the task in the absence of electricity. 

Easy-to Wash:

The gathering was fine, and now all the guests are gone after eating the delicious barbecue dinner. Now, it’s your job again to wash all the dishes as well as your assistant chef. Well, to reduce your load and minimize your effort, both smokers are easy to clean. The electric smokers have removable racks that allow you to remove the grease and other marinated spice from the grills. 

Thanks to the non-stick coating material on the grills, that prevents the scrubbing process. All you need is to wash the exterior and interior with soapy water and let it dry for subsequent use.

Which One is Portable?

The thing that makes you joy and energy during a family picnic or an adventurous journey is food only. The pleasure gets doubled when the food is roasted and smoked. But for that purpose, your smoker must be compact and smaller in size so you can place it in your RV or towing car. 

Electric smokers are best for this purpose. They are comparatively small in size and compact, which makes them portable. While on the other hand, the larger size of pellet smokers keeps them fixed at a place. We can say it is a con of pellet smokers.

Quality to Price:

When it comes to budget, it’s become a decisive part. Everyone wants to buy a product in its range. It all depends on your ability to pay for the product. If you have enough bank balance, you can look for pellet smokers ranging from 600-1200 dollars.

But if you are looking for something wallet-friendly that does not create a hole in your pocket, then electric smokers will be the best option. They usually range from 200-700 dollars.

All in a Nutshell- electric smoker Vs pellet smoker:

We want to sum up here! We have provided you the minute details and described the pros and cons of electric smokers and pellet smokers. Nothing is remaining in the comparison of electric smoker vs pellet smoker. So, now the ball is in your court.

You need to decide the product wisely while considering your requirements and needs. It was pretty challenging for you to distinguish between the two products. But after reading the article, it has become crystal clear which product would be best for you!

Now you can put your money on the right horse for a long-lasting race. Thank you for reading the post with great care and attention!


1. Are vertical pellet smokers better than horizontal pellet smokers?

Vertical pellet smokers are better than horizontal pellet smokers. The factor that gives superiority to the vertical pellet smoker is the grill feature is the smoky taste. They are best in the business for penetrating the smoke in meat or fish. So, if you are a barbecue lover with a smoky aroma, then you have to go for them.

2. Do electric smokers need pellets?

Electric smokers do not need pellets. They generate smoke differently. In electric smokers, the wood chips in the tray play a role in the production of smoke.

3. Are pellet smokers bad for your health?

Pellet smokers are bad for health because the smoke rising due to the burning of wood pellets leads to the formation of harmful gases like carbon monoxide that is toxic for the human body. This gas hinders the oxygen supply to the body after binding with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.

4. Do you get a smoke ring with pellet smokers?

Well, indeed, pellet smokers will give a smoke ring to the meat or fish pieces placed inside the chamber for the roasting purpose. All you need is to cook the amount of meat at a temperature below normal for half an hour. It will consume a bit of time, but it will give you a great texture with a smoke ring.

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