8 Cheap Electric Smoker – Best Electric Smoker Under $300 for 2022

It’s a pleasant day, and you are willing to enjoy your vacation on the shore of the blue ocean, watching the white clouds floating and the waves leaching the sand from the beach. It will be great if you can eat delicious and yummy barbecue ribs and meat chunks with a carbonated drink.

Don’t let your shoulders down by thinking that it’s pretty challenging to generate the smoky taste. Well, if you are still stuck in the old traditional method of firing the coal and then blowing air, you are far behind.

We have something right for you that will reduce your load and give you the same taste at a low cost. You can buy the best electric smoker under 300 dollars. It is fascinating that you can enjoy the same taste without shedding a single tear or coughing out because of the black smoke.

Our Tested Top 8 Best Electric Smoker Under $ 300

We are here to provide an honest review regarding the cheap electric smokers in 2021. Go through the product descriptions and pick the best electric smoker from the list.


Char-Broil 17202004 – Digital Electric Smoker

Char-Broil 17202004 - Digital Electric Smoker

Are you fed up with the old methods of adding a smoky flavor to your food? Don’t worry because Char-Broil is here to serve you with its digital electric smoker. The best part of this smoker is built-up of this smoker. The silver appearance prevents it from absorbing the heat from the environment.

It has a double insulation layer in the lining that does not allow the heat to leave the chamber. That reduces the time of cooking. Moreover, it keeps the smoke inside. There is a use of the latest technology which generates the smoke.

A large tray in the chamber allows you to fill enough smoke chips that can produce smoke for 7-9 hours. It keeps you safe from the continuous opening of the door. Now you know the space of smoke chips, but do you know the area for the meat portion? Well! It will surely surprise you that this electric smoker by Char-Broil has a giant chamber of around 725 square inches.

You can cook multiple items at a single. It is excellent as you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of your guests to make them wait for food. The four grilled racks are there with stainless steel coating that gives grilled texture to the meat.

How will you find out how much time it will take to cook appropriately unless you observe it? For that purpose, the company came up with an excellent solution of a glass window that enables you to see through the conditions. Don’t be anxious; your food’s taste, texture, and color will be delicate when you are watching. There is no chance of over or under heating.


  • The consumption of 750 watts gives you efficient heating in no time with cost-saving in electricity bills.
  • The removable thermometer is present in the chamber that indicates food temperature and prevents its conversion into charcoal.
  • The chips are ten times efficient in their performance as compared to typical coal used for producing smoke.


  • Excess smoke in the chamber becomes challenging to see through the glass chamber, and you have to open the door for its removal.


Dyna-Glo – Cheap Electric Smoker

Dyna-Glo is now prevailing in the market is at the top of the list among the cheap electric smokers. Let’s discuss the physical dimensions and appearance of this machine. This machine comes in a rectangular shape with dimensions 19.4 x 19 x 32.5 inches. The black coating on the metallic body gives it an elegant and classy look.

To preserve the smoke inside the chamber, this model by Dyna-Glo has a fantastic solution. There is a separate opening for the insertion of smoke chips. You don’t need to open the door again and again to maintain the smoke level in the chamber. It gives a plus point by keeping the heat locked inside the room.

There is a double check on the heat-locking methodology in this machine. Adequate insulation is used in the body of this electric smoker so that the balls don’t get hot and start emitting heat from their surface.

Indeed, you have concerns regarding the cooking time of the food if you are living in the arctic or Antarctic region. The low atmospheric temperature of these regions is a resistance in the on-time cooking of meat. Thus, the company has used a burner that gives stable and ample heat to the food by consuming only 800 watts.

The feature that makes it unique and distinguished from other electric smokers in the market is the reliability and long-lasting quality of the built material. The material is non-corrosive and melt-free. That is why it has a high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on global platforms.


  • The space of 732 square inches allows you to prepare great pieces at a time with no chance of under-heating.
  • All the things are in your control, including changing the temperature at a single touch on the screen.
  • A thermometer is present in the chamber that gives you the reading of internal temperature. So, your food does not get over-cooked.


  • The smoke chips are not of excellent quality, which leads to the timely addition of new smoke chips in the chamber.


Char Broil – Analog Electric Smoker

Have you recently joined the field of cooking? Then you may not have the idea of operating a digital electric smoker! And to overcome this problem for you, Char-Broil is here with its analog electric smoker, which is under 300 dollars.

You can manually adjust the temperature and polish your cooking skills; then, you can move ahead to the digital one. You may feel confusing due to the unstable heat supply in the analog electric smoker. But don’t worry, char-broil will never break your trust. The temperature will not fluctuate from the value that you have set manually.

The lightweight body and compact size bring it to the list of best electric smokers under 300 dollars. It is a perfect and excellent machine that can enhance the happiness and joy of your trip by adding a smoky taste with a grilled texture to your food.

There is a removable tray at the front side of the smoker that allows you to fill it with water. You don’t want to say yuck or start vomiting by up-taking a burned food item and spoil your trip. And for that purpose, the water tray keeps the moisture at in level while roasting the meat.

The double insulation layer prevents the effect of our cold temperature from hindering the cooking process. Moreover, it does not allow the heat to escape through it. The insulation also prevents the interior from being disturbed due to the washing and rinsing.

The space is around 544 square inches that are enough space to cook 3-4 pounds of meat at a time. It is nonetheless than a genie that you get such a spacious smoker in a small compact size.


  • A separate chip tray allows you to insert the chips after some duration to generate smoke in the chamber.
  • The enormous consumption of 1000 watts cooks the meat in no time and acting as a barrier against the external environment.
  • The efficient exhaust chambers regulated the smoke accordingly and maintained the interior temperature to prevent over-heating.


  • The built material gets corrosion after as the coat on the body gets peeled off after some washings.


Dyna-Glo – Electric Smoker

Are you looking for precision in the temperature? Are you feeling annoyed due to the fluctuation in temperature of your old smoker? Then bring the latest model of Dyna-Glo with global appreciation due to its quality and features.

The product has won the hearts of numerous food lovers and food cookers by imparting a delicious taste, unique texture, yummy color, and smoky fragrance to the food item.

Why did people start picking up this giant by Dyna-Glo? It is because of the exact temperature settings in this electric smoker. The variation in the heat supply to the food has disappointed many people in their old analog smokers. But if you are a perfectionist and seek perfection in your food item’s quality, you must go for this product. It is on the list of cheap electric smokers. It will not be wrong that if we declare it as the best electric barbecue smoker.

The body of this machine is chrome-plated stainless steel. A space of 732 square inches in this gigantic smoker enables you to prepare the food at once for the whole family. There is no need to wait for the turn when you have this beast at your home.

The slide tray feature for the addition of smoke chips keeps you free from the tension regarding the improper heat supply to the meat. The continuous opening of the door provides heat as a way to escape from the chamber. Thus, a separate pathway for the chips maintains the equilibrium in the room.

The chips are of good quality that produces smoke for around 7-8 hours. Once you have filled the tray, you would not need to refill it as enough smoke will be created in the chamber.


  • The integrated thermometer enables you to observe the interior temperature to change the temperature accordingly if it is high or low.
  • The consumption of 800 watts lowers the cooking time and takes less time to heat the burner for maximum performance.
  • The addition of a removable tray allows you to wash the smoker properly for subsequent usage.


  • You cannot take this smoker with you on trips as it weighs 62 pounds and is extensive.


Old Smokey Charcoal Grill

If you are looking for something traditional and compact, then Old Smokey Charcoal Grill might fascinate you. It is one of the best electric smoker under $ 300 that defines the true meaning of smoky meat. This product is the choice of all those willing to enjoy the premium quality cooked ribs on their lawn or rooftop at a low price.

Suddenly it started raining, and your smoker is on the lawn or the rooftop. You don’t need to hassle or panic to bring it under a shade as the body is corrosion-free. There is not a chance of rust as the built quality is excellent.

The lightweight enables you to take it anywhere. You can load it in your car and can take it on a trip with you to enjoy grilled chicken legs on the riverside.


  • The product is long-lasting and durable, which is rare to find in such a price range.
  • The stainless and rust-proof body keeps it free from any damage from the external environment.
  • The compact size enables you to settle it anywhere, and the lightweight allows you to carry it wherever you go.


  • It produces some toxic gases like carbon monoxide that can cause act as a poisonous agent for the person standing close to the smoke rising from it.


Little Chief Electric Smoker

Need an assistant for the perfect preparation of meat and fish for your guest at dinner? Smokehouse Products Little Chief electric smoker is here at your service. Don’t judge this fantastic product by its name. It has Little only in its name. The product has more than enough space that it can easily handle 25 pounds of your proteinaceous pieces.

 There are four racks of grill that have chrome plating on them. These racks are vital for placing the pieces on them and provide a texture to them. The chrome plating lets you wash the grease and oil shelves without any tension or corrosion. So feel free to pass the racks for subsequent usage.

Smokehouse always tries to win the hearts of its users, and thus keeping its old tradition, the company has taken responsibility for the machine for two years. If you feel that there is an error in the device’s functions, you can bring it to the customer care center for repair. The company will handle and repair it free of cost for you.

The features not only end up here. There is a bag of wood chips that weighs around 1.75 pounds. So you don’t need to buy the wooden chips for your very first roasting process. The long-lasting smoke production capability can predict the quality of scraps. Get your smokier sausages with a typical taste and texture.

If you set the smoker at a low temperature, it will consume only 250 watts that are pretty enough. But that is all upon you whether you want to cook at on high temperature for quick service or you can control the sounds rising from your tummy for some extra minutes.


  • The two-year warranty guarantees that the company is responsible in case of any damage or problem with the machine.
  • The chips can produce smoke for 5-6 hours and keep the heat locked inside the chamber for proper cooking.
  • The removable racks are easy to wash, and the smoker’s construction is rust-resistant so that you can clean the grease without any fear.


  • The quality of the heater is not good, which leads to under-heating of the meat in the chamber.


Weber – Mountain Charcoal Smoker

If you are an alone adventurer and travels in your RV, wandering in the different natural sites and exploring the beauty of the world, then you should pick this master chef for your assistance. It is the best product for a single person. You can smoke you 2 3 sausages and a piece at a time.

This charcoal smoker by weber smoker comes in capsule shape and is among the best offset smokers. The best part is that it will not create a hole in your pocket if you look for a cheap smoker for your journeys.

Not only the price, but it also relaxes you when you will load it for the trip in your RV or car. It only weighs 23 pounds. It does not matter that it is made of low-quality stuff. The material used in the manufacturing of this tiny little cook is premium and lightweight.

This product has received global appreciation and has a high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.


  • You can claim the product in warranty in case of any damage, or it needs any repair.
  • The lightweight body and compact size allow you to carry it anywhere without any effort or extra space.
  • The product is highly wallet-friendly, long-lasting, and perfect for grilling food for a single person.


  • You have to assemble this smoker by yourself by reading the guide, which is quite tricky.
  • It may lead to exposure to toxic chemicals like nickel and gases like carbon monoxide.


Dyna-Glo – Offset Charcoal Smoker

Dyna-Glo manufactures the last but not the minor product on our review list. This model is vertical and an offset smoker, as you can see that in its name. This incredible machine allows you to prepare enough food items that can cover 1176 square inches. What else do you want if you are seeking a smoker for commercial purposes?

You can change the temperature and bring it low if you want to give some time for the appropriate roasting of the pieces in the chamber. It will allow the smoke to invade the meat properly. The fragrance can be smelt from a distance, filling your mouth with water and giving rise to hunger pangs.

A built-in thermometer in the chamber highlights the interior temperature, so you don’t overcook your expensive sausages, or your fish doesn’t remain undercooked, which can cause food poisoning.

There is nothing to worry about the smoke exhaust. There is efficient management of smoke exit and temperature balance in the smoker. The stainless steel built-up with porcelain prevents the heat from escaping and acts as a barrier to the external and internal environment.


  • It has a space of 1176 square inches that is not present in any other smoker.
  • It is on the list of the best cheap smokers that have excellent quality and reliability.
  • The tremendous passage for the smoke exit prevents the food from over-heating the lower temperature feature allows you to cook the food properly.


  • It has a large size and body, making it difficult to carry anywhere, and you have to assemble it after bringing it to your home.

Buyer’s Guide:

Important Considerations For The Best Electric Smoker Under $ 300

Now you know the giants competing in the market to provide the best electric smoker under 300. But if you are willing to find out the best and cheap electric smoker with premium features, you must know what to look for?

Indeed, various features are playing a crucial role in defining the quality of the electric smoker. Do you know about the essential characters that must be part of your best electric smoker, don’t you? We are here to guide you about the features that you must observe in your best electric smoker under $ 300.

Best Electric Smoker Under 300
Infographic: Best Electric Smoker Under 300

Size of Smoker:

Indeed, you would prefer to have a spacious and large-sized electric smoker on your budget. It will enable you to cook ribs and fish at the same time. But if you are an adventurer or a family person who has to take his family out for a picnic on weekends, then you must have to prefer the small-sized electric smoker.

The reason behind choosing a small-sized electric smoker allows you to load it quickly in the car, and the best part is that it consumes less energy as compared to any other electric smoker. Now it is up to you whether you want to pick a large or small-sized electric smoker.

Built Material:

The king of the market, like Masterbuilt and Char-broil, are using stainless steel as the manufacturing material of their electric smoker. The racks are also coated with stainless steel. The reason behind using this stuff as the manufacturing material is the thermoduric capability and rust-resistant feature.

An unexpected rainfall or a cold, moist environment can lead to the corrosion of the body is made of any other material. That’s why to make the product long-lasting and durable; the company has preferred to use this material.

Power Consumption:

Those people who have concerns with the electricity bills must know about this factor. Power consumption decides the heating rate of the electric smoker. The average range of electric smokers consuming power falls in the range of 500-1200 watts.

The more power consumed by the electric smoker, the more it gets heated up quickly. This feature must be considered by those people who are living in cold regions. The smokebox and the meat do not prepare soon due to the low atmospheric temperature. So, to lower the time of cooking, you need to pick that one with high power consumption.


Wheels are the additional feature that can help you in the easy handling of the smoker. The rolling makes you relaxed to carry the metallic body stuff. Otherwise, you will feel over-burdened when you have to take drag it to somewhere.

Digital or Analog:

It is an important point to discuss that if you are at the beginning level of cooking, then what will be the most suitable option for you. You can either choose a digital electric smoker or an analog electric smoker. If you seek accuracy in the temperature, then you must go for the digital one. But if you have just worn a chef’s cap, you need to pick the analog, as it is easier to use.

Ready to pick the best electric smoker under 300?

You have gone through the honest product reviews of the best electric smokers under 300. Moreover, you have minutely observed the factors that you must look at in the best electric smoker under 300 if you have planned to dive into the market.

Investing your single penny is a hard job. You need to be vigilant while choosing the right product as it is a one-time investment. You would not prefer to swipe your credit for the same product again and again, irrespective that it is costly or cheap, would you? Nothing is more depressing than buying the wrong product. But it is useless to cry over spilled milk.

We have tried to make it a lot easier for you to choose your cheap electric smoker. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Grab your best electric smoker under 300 and enjoy the barbecue taste at your home at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric smokers reliable?

Yes, they are entirely reliable. There is not a single chance that your expensive meat or fish gets spoiled due to over-heating or remains uncooked. There is equal heat distribution, and the smoke surrounds the fish to invade the food to give you a delicious and mouthwatering taste.

Do electric smokers use a lot of electricity?

It is a wrong perception regarding the electric smokers that they cost you high electricity bills. On average, an electric smoker consumer 800-1000 watts of energy. That is way less than any other electric appliance used for cooking.

What is the best electric smoker for beginners?

It would be best to make a firm grip by operating an analog electric smoker initially. As it is easy to use and there is no complication as compared to the digital electric smoker. You are free to adjust the heat and smoke level manually.