5 Steps On How to Clean Pit Boss Heat Deflector 2023

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What is the Pit Boss Pellet grill?

Pit boss pellet grill, an alternative to an oven, a pellet grill heats food by using an ignited wood pellet and a ventilation system to achieve a specific temperature. A pellet grill makes it simple to prepare your favourite foods. A pellet grill can be used for braising, smoking, and grilling food. If you are using pellet grill then you must have knowledge about How to Clean Pit Boss Heat Deflector.

Working of Pit Boss Pellet grill:

Smoking on Pit Boss is not like smoking on any other grill. As wood pellets burn all the material dissolves with a great smoky flavor. If you are using direct or indirect heat there will be no issue of transmission of air because Pit boss Pellet grill have good features of convection. 

 Wood pellets are compressed in a storage vessel called Hopper. Then these pellets are placed in the cooking chamber. Then the pellets burst into flames. Heat and smoke move out through the cooking area.  Alongside using smoky flavor to make your food taste better, you can cook your food on low and normal temperature for hours in Pit Boss Pellet grill. This can cook your food well and add smoky flavour as well,  you do not need to sit near your grill to cook food for a few hours, Pit Boss pellet grill can cook your food at a good temperature with good qualities. 

How to Clean Pit Boss Heat Deflector 2023

What is a Pit Boss Heat deflector? How to Clean Pit Boss Heat Deflector :

Pit Boss heat deflector is generally used to prepare slow or low types of food which need a long time to cook, such as oven dishes or whole chicken. The heat deflector is also used to cook the food you don’t want to cook directly on coals. 

Heat deflector is a ceramic plate which protects your food from infrared radiation of charcoal , and is also used to prevent your food from darkening. 

When the charcoal glows up and when the  ignitor comes out then place the heat deflector and let it heat to cook slow and low food. If you want to use smoky wood pellets in a Pit Boss pellet grill then we will advise you to place charcoal before the heat deflector. 

How to Clean Pit Boss Heat Deflector 2023

Cleaning of Pit boss heat deflector:

Cleaning a Pit Boss  heat deflector can help to protect your grill from any cause of damage and grease , ashes which can be harmful for your health. Not cleaning your Pit boss heat deflector can cause fire on the next grilling and may damage the internal system of your grill.Now you do not need to worry about How to Clean Pit Boss Heat Deflector , you can do this at your home with these instructions:

1: Remove the grills or deflector from Pit Boss:

Must keep in mind to turn off the Grill when cleaning. Remove the grates from and grill and deflector also by using a pair of tongs.

2: Cleaning the lid:

Clean the lid and internal area where charcoals or wood pellets are placed. Use a vacuum to clean all the black ending stayed in the lid. 

3: Clean heat deflector and grates:

Use a putty knife to clean any buildup on the deflector. Next use a sponge or grill cleanser to clean all the grease and ashes on it. 

4: Dry the heat deflector:

Using a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the deflector because if you place the deflector directly after washing it can damage the electric system or functioning of the Pit Boss grill. Put the grills and deflector in the sun to let it dry properly.

5: Replace the Grates and deflector in Pit Boss Grill:

After letting them dry, replace the deflector and grates in the Pit Boss grill. 

You can also use aluminum foil on  Heat deflector . You can place heavy duty foil on a heat deflator with double layers which allows the liquid and grease of food cooking on it.Place the foil according to the size of heat deflector which helps to stop the grease from going underneath the deflector. 

Cleaning your Pit Boss is now very easy and reliable. Whenever you start grilling, clean up your grill by following these instructions.

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We are having the easiest way for you to let you know How to clean the pit boss Heat deflector. I hope our guide will help you and make your grill cleaning non-toxic at your home. If you have any questions you can ask in the comment section.

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