13 Steps on How To Clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill in 2023

Pit boss pellet grill offers many series and each series is amazing in itself. If you have been using the Pit boss pellet grill 1150 for a long time and you had never experienced cleaning them so in this  article we are having easy and non-toxic methods of cleaning Pit boss pellet grill 1150. Do you want to make your grilling this season adorable? Do you want to know the easiest way How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill at home by using some casual tools?

Pit Boss pellet grill 1150:

Pit boss pellet grills have many series with different features. Pit boss pellet grill works or has features like charcoal, oven , smoker and gas-grill. Pit boss pellet grills use natural hardwood pellets . These natural hardwood pellets give a natural smoky and woody flavour to your food. Also pellet grills allow you to control the temperature and you can cook at slow or low temperature. Pit boss pellet grills don’t need any extra food flavour or any kind of baby sit like adding more chips or wood chunks. If you leave your food on slow or low temperature it will result in amazing. 

Every Pit boss pellet grill has some advanced features in it. Pit boss pellet grill1150 had 1150 square inch cooking area, Digital PID control board, wifi and bluetooth compatibility. Pit boss pellet grill 1150 features simple slide-plate flame broiler. 

How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill

How to clean Pit boss pellet grill 1150 ?

While using pit boss pellet grill cleaning is also important. Cleaning is important because when you grill your food ash and debris collect in the grill. Food particles will stick on the grates which can be added to the food next time you grill.Cleaning can save your grill from grease and different kinds of bacterias and germs which are harmful for your health. This also makes your food tasteless. Not cleaning your grill can make your grill functioning slow . 

Cleaning a pellet grill at home is not so difficult. You can clean your pellet grill at home , you do not need to call any specialist. Here is the easiest way of How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill. Let’s start the procedure, you do not need any type of harsh or metal objects. Without any wasting of time let’s move to the process of How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill.

Procedure of How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill:

Step 1: First off before starting, you must wear gloves, this can save your hands from dirt and also you can carry parts easily. 

Step 2: Start cleaning with removing grates and sour them in hot water .

Step 3: While the grates are soaking now remove the sear plate from the pellet grill and put them aside.

Step 4: Now remove the drip tray and also put it aside.

Step 5: Now remove the thingamabob located over the burn pot . put it aside with other parts. 

Step 6: Now remove the burn pot , you can remove it from below part of the Pellet grill. 

Step 7: By using a scraper clean the drip tray and remove all the grease and black residue from it. Now clean the edges and sides with a dry cloth to give it a clean look. 

Step 8: Now clean the sear plate by using a scraper , remove all of the grease from the upper and lower part carefully and then clean it with a paper towel or any dry cloth. 

How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill

Step 9: Let’s move to cleaning the  thingamabob , you can just use a bristle brush and get all of the ash and dust , wipe it down to a deep clean. 

Step 10: Now clean the burn pot, there will be so much buildup in the burn pot , remove all the buildup by using a putty knife.There is also grease over the sides of the burn pot and also clean them. Now clean the burn pot by using a paper towel or any cloth to give a neat look. 

Step 11: Now clean the bottom of the barrel, we use a putty knife . Do Not use any metal object it can damage the paint of your pellet grill. Now remove all of the dust from top and sides of the barrel and bring all them down and wipe them in the end. You do not need to use any soap, chemical or degreaser, this putty knife process will clean all of your seasoning. 

Step 12: Remove the grates from hot water and remove all the grease by or food particles by using a scraper and  wipe it down with a paper towel. 

Step 13: Replace all the parts in reverse order. First fix the burn pot, after burn pot place thingamabob in its place, then put main plate or drip tray  in the grill , after drip tray place sear plate and then on last reinstall the grates in the pellet grill. 

Also clean the exterior by using a degreaser or cleaning sprayer.

Now your pellet grill  is ready for grilling again with the best qualities. Cleaning process also increases the lifespan of pellet grills. 

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No one likes dirt in their grill, so here is the easiest method of cleaning your Pit boss pellet grill1150 . Hope our guide will help you to know, How to clean Pit Boss 1150 Pellet Grill. If you have any questions ask in the comment section. 

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